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Welcome to The Order of Time Info. This site theorderoftime.com is more of commitment to inform you on the consciousness of time than of commerce. In fact only books dealt with here are for sale. Here at info you find a page of general site-info like the general purpose, downloading, comments, use of images etc. The general philosophical basis is explained in the Charter of Order. There are discussions concerning the content and a FAQ-page. Next there are vacancies to participate and a friends/guests page for further association of commitment. Move you mouse over the row above to read further and then click your way to the pages.   TOP


At the site general info page one will find all 'about' subjects dealt with as: about The Order of Time, about contributing and the contributor, about the spelling used, about downloading (including downloads), the meaning of the logo and other images and colors used and all about using images of this site and linktexts for linking the site up from your own pages. One will also find a form for feedback and requests. A synopsis in the form of six dialogues concludes this section. For feedback and the 'abouts' click above or chose index to see a linking-list for all subjects dealt with at this site.   TOP


The Charter of Order is part of a philosophical treatise called 'On the Method'. It is of a well known 16th century french philosopher and deals with the question on how to find out about the truth of things. It is relatively easy to read and generally accepted in the scientific community as a lead of scientific investigation. It is to assure the visitors of theorderoftime.com of an illusion-free honest approach of truth. We just don't say anything we like. It is for reason and soul we endeavor. Click and read about truth, division, complexity and wholeness.   TOP


This site is about an alternative of time-management. This gives rise to discussions about this alternative: is it practical, is it scientific, is it religious or of a spiritual nature? How should one live with it, what are the ramifications? From other sections of this site articles and terms challenge the visitor to participate and think along with these ideas and definitions. So there are discussions on topics from the index, exchanges of e-mail and a forum to post your ideas directly on-line. Click on Discussion to go to the discussions-page and find arguments to your choice. Click on FAQ to see a list of questions and answers on 'The Game of Order'.   TOP


The Order of Time is a participation platform. This means that you can participate not only by linking up your own site, adding to the discussion page or other pages or may enjoy all the benefits of the cyber section to explore the internet. You can also actively participate in its maintenance and contents. Many authors consented in articles of them added e.g. There are also numerous other jobs to do for which there is never enough time to do it as good as can be. Go to this page and find yourself a way of participating or suggest a service you think would be needed. TOP


At the Friends/Guests page you will find a list of people called the Filognostic Association: people that sympathize with this mission and do not object being identified as being progressive and selfrealizing. Also you will find there the social definition of the Order of Time explained: what kind of society can one expect from actively participating in this love for knowledge, this filognosy. Last you''l find there further contact information. Click to see about the others before you and add yourself to this list of friends. TOP




Welcome to The Order of Time Cyber. With one's computer scouring the internet one is in cyberspace. The time there is cybertime, the fastest close to lightening speed. The choice is almost unlimited and dazzling. To stay clear and focussed one is in need of a hold: one is human, one is local, one needs a choice of ..., one is traveling time. Also one needs t0 be in contact and to find quality. With this ordering in mind read further moving over the column at the right and travel! TOP


In love with knowledge, in favor of the human cause and values there is an interest in sites of art, literature and fun, religion and spirituality and sciences of the social kind. This humanities resource is the condensation of the surfing experience of your webmaster. Most sites have been discovered and many will follow. Some sites submitted themselves at the ADD URC page and some others also laid links back making The Order of Time an honest, interactive, communicating and shared enterprise with links to and from sites all over the planet. Go and marvel! TOP


However structured, a directory is still a mass. This page offers an all-in-one page with a searchengine covering all great engines (over 160); The World Engine and a systematic approach localizing your search from the home basis to the country to the continent to the whole world. Thus one loses never ones anchor and still covers all the net. Tuned to your locality it can serve you any way you like. Search, localize, participate and add yourselves too.   TOP


Surfing can be a tiring experience having to wade through pages and pages before one finds what one is looking for. Therefore all the major directories on the net have been scanned for their subjects and been put all together in a directory of directories going one to two levels or sometimes more deep. The pages themselves can be heavy but are worth downloading even if some of the directories changed without us knowing. Find all or make a dead links report from there and help keeping this service optimal. TOP


Time is the father and ruler of all existence. To surf on these pages is like respecting the host of a place one is visiting. This directory, a subdirectory of the Linking Library, gives all links of relevance to the subject of time this site is concerned with. It covers astronomy, calendars, experimental and alternative approaches, articles, measurement of time and more. Never forget your father! Go for it. TOP


Living close one can phone, but long distance chatting can be a solution. This chatroom is meant for a serious apollonian chat. The subjects are the science, politics and spirituality of an alternative time-consciousness. Going to this chatroom it is better to have an appointment beforehand knowing what subject of this site to talk about. The quick rush and sensation one will rarely find there, and unarranged will probably fail to succeed at all. Send an e-mail (via info) to the webmaster and chat by appointment about your timeconcern. TOP


Surfing cyberspace and -time quality is ulti- mately what one wants. It is nice to see all kinds of sites in each stage of development. But to see the mature ones worthwhile neatly together this directory has been planned. The Linking Library Selection is a selection of sites from the Linking Library that met the criteria to get a place in this directory of quality resources of service to the internet community and The Order of Time especially. Find the selection of quality sites and surf for the best!   TOP





Welcome to The Order of Time Science. Before everything time is life to matter and expansion to space. We want to travel it, measure it, unravel all its mysteries and also control it. Pure science is pure ambition; its reality of time equates to what spirit is in religion. Mind is there of time, its relative is our freedom, its dynamics makes our life and its authority makes our awe and modesty. We cherish the moon, the sun and the stars. Their time is our ultimate reference of natural reality. And we cultivate it, love it any way we can: design machines, develop sciences and... discover its oddities. We fall silent. Discover the silence of the true life of time: just respect.   TOP


Long ago, in the year 45 B.C. we, as Romans have abolished our lunar calendar. It wouldn't match with the solar year and its seasons and the leaping procedures led to corruption. The Westerners as the New Reformed Romans never found this order back and were defeated by the Barbarians, with the fall of Rome in A.D. 476, who did respect the Moon and later also by the Muslims, in 1453 with the fall of 'New Rome' Byzantium, who had specialized in respecting the Moon. These pages are there to revive our lost lunar selfrespect and cure us from our estrangement. Reformed of all nations: stop the lunar repression and retrieve your lost natural soul and culture...Go!   TOP


We Westerners are the pride of the solar Order. Ever since 45 B.C. when we fell in love with the princess of Egypt, we go for the solar year... and we even became more accurate in calculating the length of the solar year once we figured out how fractions worked. But alas, the New Roman Order lost its Julian division of the solar year in AD 321 when the last heathen Roman Emperor introduced the commercial linear 7-days weekorder to be balanced by the religion and thus half of the meaning of the solar order was factually lost... we came up from the Middle Ages with a cultural consciousness of contrasting unnatural weeks with natural dates. Now, cure from the darkness and find a renewed true nonmaterialistic natural consciousness of solar order.... Cakra! TOP


We have the culture to the sun: the gregorian calendar. We have the culture to the moon: the eastern mooncalendar with its phases. West has to meet East in a new concept of worldorder. But the timesystems tend to oppose falling in religious or materialistic fanaticism blaming oneother of the repression. A third culture of order is needed to unify the two and preserve an impartial and also scientific consciousness. That third option is offered by the celestial sky. Sun, moon and stars make a trinity of a full calendar of Order. But how do we spin to the stars? Did we ever respect our movement with the stars in the galaxy? No. Now say yes and discover the pages answering all basic questions about a possible galactic unifying order.   TOP


All reasoning about order is fine, but can we make it work? To respect the full calendar of order, standard time ànd the cyclic of nature requires a completely new clock. This has been accomplished. The design is there as well as a discussion with a clockmaker about it. The design is found to be feasible. It offers an astrarium like clock called tempometer that looks like a normal clock but isn't. It's more complicated. And more designs are needed: what about order to the internet or to the present world of uniforms? And how should we preserve anything on the internet or respect its contents without expensive machines? These designs try to give an answer to these questions. TOP


Next to the spiritual, political and astronomical considerations there are more considerations of time. There are historical notions, chronobiological notions, psychological-mental health paradigms, sociological ideas and investigations, philosophers and philosophies dealing with the concept and more approaches from the diverse departments of science. The Order of Time endeavored to collect articles from other scientists and to present and preserve them as a whole on this site. It is a growing collection presenting an image of a general scientific concern with this essential subject of survey. Read of other sciences and offer your own science! TOP


Apart from being straight and measured time can also present us with inscrutable mysteries. Physicists made the greatest errors and discoveries researching on exceptions finding out about the general relativity that defeated the oneness of place and time. Time depends on the frame of observation. Time is absolutely relative. Not only straight physicists were concerned about this. Many common people observed phenomena of time oddities like flying saucers; UFO's and crop-circles. Although we rather not think of these exotic notions, still a few are taken into consideration here like alternative timetravel-techniques and the communication in crop-circles. The scientific noblesse obliges. Keep your mind open to the new and wonder!   TOP


One can unite in the private sphere with a marriage, to a job with a contract of labor, in the political with a political party and in the spirit with a religion. But what exactly would the philosophy of all that association be? How are all those associations themselves there as one culture, what holds us back and confuses us in finding association and would there be something like a general order of association? Or what would in association be the interest of the personal in contrast with the impersonal, what standards and values are we talking about, what is the theory and what is the practice? How does it all cohere and how is that converted into politics? This argument offers a short coherent view, a philosophy of association as a solution for this complex problem.  TOP





To live modern time is an art. Time is not the natural thing only anymore. It is a challenge of self-realization. Coping with it all kinds of insight seek their way to express themselves in movies, music, graphics, paintings and literature. Move your mouse over the list at the left to see the contents explained and click your way to these pages for a visit. TOP


Film reviews often tell you what would be commercially attractive or to the common expectations. Therefore these descriptions of movies you might want to see but did not decide about yet. Read what at this time can and before could be appreciated in the cinema's and add your own movie-pages.   TOP


To The Order of the New Time there are free downloadable authentic compositions of classical music, original compositions of popular and synthesized music and for the spiritual there are devotional and inspirational creations of sphere and emotion of a personal kind. Add you own music to these pages of Real Audio, MP3 and Midi music. TOP


Art can be in love with knowledge and express apart from being figurative also meaning in words. These compositions of form and words are called filognostic art. They express the postmodern sense of time and the aphorisms that occur in the realization of ones own alternative time-consciousness. View the original graphics. You may download and print them out for personal use and link up your own personal contributions.   TOP


Throughout human history numerous works of art have been dedicated to the subject of time. These works are paintings and other objects by famous artists, cultural creations like calendars and clocks and scientific pictures of beautiful galaxies and such. Just take a look around in this museum of devotion to the reality of time and add your own links here. TOP


Left below you can see the symbol of the so called Cakra Tempometer. It is an invention of time management representing the celestial sky, sun, moon and earth in one astrarium-like clock also displaying the modes of cultural time. How this idea sprouted and what kind of consequences it could have one can read in the short story The Dream. Read and find links to other literary impressions on the subject of time and link your own stories up. TOP


Of course it is also an art to express these ideas in concrete matter. First of all is that a matter of publishing. With the Order of Time we need something in our hands to work with and fill our agendas. That is not directly something profit-minded, on the contrary, it first of all - as a principle of culture - requires sacrifices without expecting any return. It is not only the principle with which all companies invest and advertise, but also the principle kids grow up with and monks are holy with. Thus non-profit-based are there, CD's and CD-roms about the science, the spirituality and the religion of consciously dealing with time in order to hearten the material affairs of the Order of Time. TOP





Welcome to The Order of Time Spiritual. These pages offer a diversity of spiritual choices. First there is a self-help book to solve essential problems of spirituality first. Then there are the filognosy (love for knowledge-) pages offering questions and answers subject by subject and a list of essential terms explained. Next there is a graphic guide grouping concepts to their meaning and structure to have a hold in structuring your mind for a good spirit. The concept of soul transcending matter to the point of reincarnation is discussed in a long article. For a summary the essence is discussed after which also the time for sexuality is discussed. Tackle time consciously and find your way towards selfrealization and a steady consciousness. TOP


Spirituality is about transcending the material world for a good spirit of happiness. This is done in phases. Getting above time though one still has to keep in touch with it. More than that it must be done according your own nature. This is different for each person and cultural background. To rule your own transcendence of time you have to discover your own rules. At each level from love to the body, from sporting to a marriage, from relations to agreements and from business to the happiness of everyday life, all kinds of rules dealing with all kinds of things are of importance. This free e-book offers you an encyclopedic view of the field to inspire you with a reference designed for a healthy psyche and a more spiritual, but down to earth life of living with other rules. Discover your way towards personal fulfillment. Climb! TOP


Filognosy means love for knowledge. There is knowledge of how to make a living and manipulate matter. This knowledge is subject to changes and is considered relative. There is also knowledge how to live peacefully, keep your mind together, sacrifice for a good cause and attain to togetherness and spirit. This latter knowledge is classical, found in the oldest books, is immutable and is apart from some translation as fixed as the sun, the moon and the celestial sky. This knowledge is considered absolute: we cannot change its reality of eternal time. Filognosy is about this latter type of knowledge. It differs from philosophy in its spiritual aim and opposes to its often only one-sided speculating, doubting and extrapolating nature. Stall your speculations and doubt, be sure that you love to know the terms and more absolute side of the truth. TOP


On the pages of this spiritual branch and also other branches of The Order of Time there are many different terms used in different contexts. These terms interrelate defining oneother. To be clear about this conceptual framework the terms have been grouped subject by subject and presented graphically. Knowing these pictures can assist one in remembering what the filognosy, love for knowledge is all about and can help one to find out how much of knowledge is factually filognostically structured. Discover the terms of identity, work, time, sexuality, divinity, the modes of nature, emancipation and more benchmarks of filognosy. TOP


Do we return to this world? Must we do so? Where did we get the idea from that this could be the reality? Why would it be important to think about it? Are we afraid of time? These pages discuss the subject of reincarnation in the light of the christian doctrine and rebirth of culture and the duality of modern multicultural time-consciousness and its psychological fears of time. It offers an overview of the vedic thinking in this and maintains that the fear of time is in fact the fear to be faced with the never ending mission of getting closer and closer to one's own personal and collective divinity - whether one is reincarnated or simply in ones lifetime is reborn to another consciousness of time or not. Know the reborn, think the reborn and be the reborn.   TOP


To the essence of spirituality the question is first of all: what is it? Is it New Age, is it religious, is it a cult, is it egoism staring for a selfrealization without compassion? What defines spirituality actually? What is this self that one has to realize? Where does the soul come in? This article revises the concept of spirituality against the light of ancient vedic values at the one hand and modern natural science at the other hand. It concludes wellwishing that this definition according to true time, loyalty to the celibate, economic austerity and vegetarian compassion, contributes to the interest of bringing more personal happiness in the first place and will also offer a broader perspective to a future world order. Don't miss the essence, all is nothing without it! TOP


How does time relate to sex? It is a simple question that takes some time to answer properly. This article tries to formulate the basics of modern sexuality in the reality of our 'New Time'. It discusses what our nature would be, animal, human and divine, what the nature of sexual control is, what aphrodisiac modern time is with its many sexual types and motives. Modern sex as an important agent of control and change adapts itself to the culture at hand and time managed. The plea is for the acceptance of this complete reality of change and growth of individuals in the light of a New Time and New World that is not based on repression and denial as with neurotic, unconscious and materialistic sex. Time for love, love for time!   TOP





Welcome to The Order of Time Personal. Who am I is a matter of time. Today I play this part, tomorrow that part. Today I am for the ego of mine and the good time it wants, tomorrow I am for the Ego of Ego's with a conscience on timelessness: the soul. I want the person and I want that as happy as can be. The person for being and the self transcending; a person for the human with wisdom to the divine. Last of all the person leads to a religious experience of time: the person is the order of time. Read more trying left and be there for the person. TOP


Pleased to meet you. I am your webmaster. If you want to know who I am, what my life and work is, my music and my identifications and read what I personally have all written before this website, then continue. My motto is: from Self to Ego, from Ego to Soul. It's me. Find a timeline through history and discover what of the renown I could have been before this life. When did this all begin? How did my thought develop? Gray humor: aphorisms, quotes on time! Whom or what do I consider important to the ego for the good time it needs? It is not me only, it links! Find where you would fit in. TOP


To the order of time and society for the personal there is the question of identity. This identity differs in experience and commitments. More than that it is more or less materially involved on different levels of transcendence. All the different identities to age and vocation make to these modes and levels different missions in life and assignments of work. Also one can have a certain style playing this personal game of identity to time: one goes fast, one clings or balances to a moderate style. Surf to these pages and see this complex simple and clear.   TOP  


Anand Aadhar Prabhu has composed articles on the spirituality and yoga of filognosy. More than that he is a devout student of the vedic culture. On this site he offers two major works of paramount importance to the new cyberculture: the Bhagavad Gitâ of Order, a new highly readable version as close to the original Sanskrit as possible and the complete S'rîmad Bhâgavatam (Bhâgavata Purâna): the story of Krishna, the fortunate one. Don't miss this valuable internet resource of vedic literature! It is unique, found nowhere else and constitutes a milestone in the progress of the spiritual understanding of mankind as a whole. Discover the yoga of time and the person and be liberated! TOP    


The second half of the twentiest century Christianity met with a new influx of eastern culture: the gurus. What have we learned from them? Are they still necessary? Why did they come here in the first place? Some say do not follow any leader, some dictate nothing else. How to understand the essence of their teaching? This article gives an impartial account of the content of their teachings comparing them and concludes that they definitely have brought a new time consciousness to the West. Find the teachings and what the personal means with it. TOP    


Is time the devil of illusion we have to fight? Is the timeless reality of the enduring soul the one reality we are after? Or would time be the unifying force and divinity making for the qualified duality of the complete whole of the omnipresent God? Stressing the latter position, this article describes how the different concepts of religious time to the Original Person can be understood and combined into a unified and integrated concept of worldtime. This suggests the basis of a worldorder unifying the religions. Practically it proposes a reform of as well clocktime as calendartime also accounted for under science at this site.   TOP






Welcome to The Order of Time Politics. Time and politics have a long history. Originally time was a religious option and would politicians differ little from priests in the old Rome. Plato and Socrates had said that the final settlement of order was to Apollo, for science known as the apollonian principle. Plato set the political values of wisdom, courage, temperance and justice. But what came before and how did this evolve? The manifesto offered here begins with a historical account of this, clarifying the (r)evolution of knowledge in and on time. Ultimately we'll have a world order, a new dualism and a proper awareness of how to count with the years of our history. Where did our time begin we are now so political with? And what to do hereafter? And... isn't it about time to consider an internet cemetery? Webmasters also have to die. Think political, think the past & the future and progress!   TOP


This manifesto explains in eight chapters what it means to work. Honestly: politicians always quarrel about the definition of labor: what should we work for? Opposing with another option of time we have to learn to complement, to be complete in our historical respect of human values and expand into the future with a proper concept of evolution. So who has the right to speak and what are our fallacies? What does holism mean in a multifaith reality managing capital? And how to implement our solutions to the problems of representation, authority, economy, transport and social control? The manifesto sees five revolutions taking place to this concluding that to have a place here on this planet means that we have to fight for commitment and trust..... Do so from the beginning! Go and read! TOP


Next to pragmatical-political clock-time there are different calendars on the planet grossly to be divided in sun and moon calendars. Although these differences are a matter of conviction which should not be politically imposed or changed, still it is of interest to the policy of individual self-realization to think about developing an order of time that can contribute to a better world order. These pages deal with the mondial apposition of cultural timerespect. It stresses the importance of a conscious dualistic and holistic approach that does justice to all legal, religious and profane claims of time-management. The resulting full calendar of order is discussed as an ideal contribution to a solution for the problem of time management of the New World Order. Prepare for the New World Order, we can only vote for what exists!   TOP


The Year Count 2753 A.U.C. = A.D. 2000. How did our time begin? In fact our history begins at the point where we begin counting the time. That is the system that made us and to that psychology tells us to be in touch with the full of that history. Repression has to pay the price of repeating history. Not repressing means that we are confronted with the truth of why and what we didn't respect but actually have to. These pages offer clear insight into the matter of our calendar politics and count of years. They simply state in conclusion that this originally roman mooncalendar that presently rules the world began 753 years B.C.. The christian year count we have now serves the purpose of human sanity despite of..., but once achieved will there be restauration? Find out why that is not so yet and how we still as well should respect this original year count. TOP


Do we have a free will or are we all determined by time? This problem of determinism is an old theme of philosophy and the social sciences. Step by step social determinism is losing its onesided dominance. No longer is there a single lead of time in modern multicultural society. In this new duality we have the formal system that ran into chaos, and we have the private subcultural option to settle for our own 'sacred' times of living. This new freedom resets the concept of social control so relevant for the political arena where social and capital arguments oppose. This article points the way towards a political implementation of the new dual respect and proper use of this freedom without taking to false authority. Politics may reinforce the wanted freedom without dictating how and thus a new social coherence comes in view. Find your motive for more enlightened time politics.   TOP


Rationalism, pragmatism, humanism. What is their relationship, what is the method to arrive at a government that is stable at the one hand and still in respect for the dynamics of our personal evolution? Who should represent us, what is the future of political parties and how should the falsehood of any system be fought in the first place? What has God to do with it and how should we incorporate each in our societal order? All these questions are answered in this speech about what our concerns should be to the regular incidence of democratic elections. TOP


'A Farewell to Cynicism' Modern man can be fairly dejected faced with the polarities that political parties offer tearing his heart apart and driving him mad in internal opposition and cynicism. What to do with this unenlightened democracy of the false, not to the soul conceived, ego? The cynicism of critique only and bitterness from disappointment misses the positive outlook. Is there a way out of this misery of always being cheated by one-sided imposed material doctrines eventually leading to the horrors of the four types of dictature found around the globe? Here a scientific reboot is defended for the splendor of a more realistical, rational and personalistic democracy defining a better balanced, good and natural time free from illusion for all.TOP


With the internet we have created a new culture by which we remember and appreciate, sacrifice and respect. It is in the interest of politics for each to have free access and thus also to maintain that info: the better the people are informed, the more choice and refinement there is for a democracy. As e.g. with this site only a small portion is actually in print. Thus the need to preserve this new culture. Also failures need to be remembered in order to learn from others. Formerly we had books and archives, now we have private hard drives and public servers offering space. To serve this interest with the Internet Cemetery a beginning has been made to preserve material no longer maintained that is of interest to this site. Respect also the dead on the internet! Feed your soul! TOP


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