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Australia & New Zealand
Middle & South America
Middle East 
  • (New) Arama: Türkçe Sitelr or turkish sites all in turkish.
  • ° (JB) Al Bawaba: Bi-lingual Middle Eastern portal ( based in Jordan) and its online information database. Al-Bawaba (ëThe Gatewayí in Arabic), is a comprehensive Middle Eastern portal on the Internet provides information on the Middle Eastern economy and business sectors, along with politics, tourism, culture, legal issues, health, entertainment and sports. News items, in-depth
  • °(JB) Middle East Internet Directory.
  • °(JB) Middle East Internet Pages. The most comprehensive and informative United Arab Emirates Directory
  • (JB) Roar-directory: Roar has developed an innovative new "Category Based" search engine. No longer is there a search box with which to enter a keyterm. No longer do clients have to list on thousands of keyterms for their listings. Each Category is split down further into specific Topics to further define the search.
  • ° (JB) Welcome to Arabic2000: your guide for Arabic teaching software, Arabic web index, HTML in Arabic and global business directory.
  • ° ArabicNews: news from the Middle East country by country.
North America
There is a separate page for Europe, Look for more directories at international directories and at the startingpoints page.







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