A musical evening by Etienne Juerat (1699-1789)



To the language of love, music, The Order of Time has a serious commitment. To the values of filognosy the harmony of spheres reflecting the cosmic order in a dream of vital sound is an ideal. Therewith we have an interest in 'new-order'- classical music as an expression of the harmony found with The Order of Time, popular music including songs and song-texts to express the poetry and personal emotions with the struggle for the Order of Time and devotional music to root it all in the proper spirituality of the Order of Time.There are now over 30 MP3- files available to have the full appreciation of the music. The rest is still in Midi. These files,especially for the classical music, will, even when put in Audio be kept available for anyone wishing to extract scores from the music to play for oneself and for people who have difficulty with MP3-files or Real Audio.

If one clicks the music button right above in the header of this and also other pages, will there pop up a midifiles page which one can use as a jukebox for surfing the Internet with the Order of Time.

The midi-files given here are multitimbral conversions to QuickTime musical instruments 3.0 in a standard Midi-format 1 to play with your browser or a helper-application .To other applications there is no guaruantee of proper reproduction. Nevertheless there is an opportunity to appreciate these musical ideas.

 One needs e.g. a Quicktime enabled browser for the MIDI's and to have the MP3's streaming on-line while downloading, and/or one's own sound-module for optimal reproduction.  


The Audio-files:

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Synthesizer: instrumental
Classical Instruments : ensembles & solo
Songs: with texts; sing along.
Spiritual: the instrumental of devotion.

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